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When assessing your oral health care, are you doing enough to ensure that dental anxiety is not inhibiting your oral health progress? If you routinely find yourself skipping out on dental check-ups due to the fears of visiting your dental office, you are probably suffering from dental anxiety. Don’t worry though, as it is a common condition.

If you are suffering from anxiety, it’s best to let them know. There are several treatments in place that they can use to ensure that you can still receive the oral health care and treatments to help relieve anxieties and concerns you may have. If you continually suffer from fears from visiting your dentist, it could be simply something as routine as a fear of the unknown. Your dentist can provide you with several treatments at the office.

However, there are several things you can do beforehand as well, which can include working on lowering your stress levels. If you repeatedly suffer from stress, it could be linked to issues and underlying conditions in your body. When you do decide to visit your dentist for oral health care procedures, visualize yourself in a place that brings you joy. Furthermore, ask about the use of sedative so you can have a calming and relaxing visit. There are even treatments that use calming music during treatments and the use of stress relieving objects to hold onto. Even muscle relaxing therapies have proven to be helpful.

Are you attracted to the idea of dental anxiety treatments in Battle Creek, Michigan? If so, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with Dr. L. C. Chilimigras at our dental office by calling us at 269-964-7660. Lakeview Dental Care looks forward to enhancing your smile with treatments for your dental anxiety. Don’t let dental anxiety control your life. It’s time to fight back and get the oral health care you deserve!