Laser dentistry is an effective way to treat gum disease that is free from the drawbacks of conventional surgery. Laser treatment will stop infection, completely eliminate bacteria, reduce gum pockets and maintain better oral results over time. When you choose laser periodontal treatment in Battle Creek, Michigan, you are choosing excellent and long-lasting results.


First, our dentists will examine your mouth to find out where the deep periodontal pockets are located. These pockets are recognizable because of the nearby bone loss and tartar on the root’s surface. After identifying these pockets, our dentists will use the laser to remove all infection and unhealthy gum tissue from the pocket. Any remaining tartar and debris is then rinsed out of the mouth. The doctor will now completely disinfect the area by using the laser to kill any remaining bacteria or toxins. Once the gum tissue is brought back to the root surface and sealed with a fibrin clot, the bite will be adjusted to remove any remaining tooth trauma and to balance out the chewing forces. The gum and connective tissues are then reattached to the root surface.

This treatment is safe for all patients, including those with diabetes, bleeding disorders, or patients on blood thinners. For more information, feel free to call Lakeview Dental Care today at 269-964-7660!