Here at Lakeview Dental Care, we aim to protect your teeth from bruxism (nighttime teeth grinding). Bruxism can cause significant damage and decay to your teeth and can ultimately lead to the diminishment of your teeth’s function and life expectancy.

Using night guards, we can help protect your teeth from bruxism. This custom-made mouth guard will create a barrier between your lower and upper teeth to protect your teeth from nighttime grinding. With continual use, our night guards will also help you avoid costly dental problems and restorations.

Your customized night guard will insulate your teeth from the wear and tear of bruxism without affecting your sleep. Because your splint is fitted for you exactly, it will also make it easier for you to breathe throughout the night.

For more information about bruxism or night guards in Battle Creek, Michigan, please contact our comprehensive dental office at 269-964-7660 today. Our dentists and team are always ready to answer your questions.