Why do I need a root canal?

A root canal many be necessary if the inner nerve of your tooth is severely affected by infection or decay. When this happens, it is normal for your tooth to experience extreme sensitivity to temperature and pressure. You may also expect intense pain. While initially you may experience no symptoms, in the advanced stages of infection and decay, an abscess will form.

The reasons Lakeview Dental Care may recommend root canal therapy in Battle Creek, Michigan, varies from patient to patient but can include:

  • Decay has reached the living tissue inside the tooth
  • An infection or abscess has developed either inside the tooth or at the root tip
  • There is injury or trauma to the tooth

What other options do I have?

When confronting extreme tooth decay or infection, you usually have two options. The dentist can either pull the tooth or save it through root canal therapy. When extracting an infected or decayed tooth, oftentimes costly dental problems will arise for the nearby teeth as well. In the end, tooth extraction often causes more problems than it solves. Receiving a root canal is a much better alternative, as it can restore full function to your mouth and tooth without causing any problems with the nearby teeth.

What is the procedure?

The procedure usually requires more than one visit to our office. Using special instruments, our dentists will remove nerve tissue, bacteria, pulp and any present tooth decay. After a thorough cleaning, your tooth will be sealed with either a permanent or temporary filling, depending on your needs.

At the following appointment (which usually occurs a week later), both the inner cavity and roots of the tooth will be sealed and filled with medicated dental material. The tooth will then receive a filling and a crown (cap). These protect the tooth from further breakage and completely restores its function.

For a little while after the treatment, it is fairly normal to experience some discomfort or pain. As your tooth and gums heal, the pain should subside. Our dentists will give you instructions on how to care for your restoration while it is healing as well as how you can maintain your restored oral health.

To prevent any future decay and infection, remember to practice good oral hygiene and visit our comprehensive dental office regularly. The restoration that root canal therapy provides will usually last a lifetime. Please call Lakeview Dental Care today at 269-964-7660 to schedule your next dental appointment and learn how we can help restore your smile back to full health.