Dental Sealants Help Protect Back Teeth from Occlusal Cavities

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The molars and premolars in the back of your mouth are called upon to chew and grind the foods you enjoy. This is possible because of the deeply textured enamel on the occlusal surfaces of each tooth. For some people, these natural pits and fissures are so deep that they can trap plaque and food particles. If they prove to be too difficult to clean with twice-daily brushing, it could easily cause large cavities.

On one hand, this makes the teeth more efficient at chewing and grinding tough foods. On the other hand, the deep recesses of the tooth enamel can trap food particles and plaque. In time, this could promote the development of large fillings.

Fortunately, this problem can be prevented by having your dentist, Dr. L.C. Chilimigras, apply dental sealants to the biting surface of each tooth. This creates a thin, resin barrier that prevents bacteria from having direct access to the underlying tooth enamel.

The dental sealants can be applied after your regular dental checkup and cleaning so we know the enamel of the biting surface is completely clean. The durable resin can last for many years and will not be worn away by your twice-daily brushing.

If you’re concerned about the health of your molars and premolars, you should call Lakeview Dental Care at 269-964-7660 to ask about dental sealants in Battle Creek, Michigan.