Dental Facts and Findings on Halitosis Prevention

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Not all aspects of your oral health originate in your mouth. It may be possible that oral health conditions such as halitosis are actually caused by deeper underlying conditions in your body. Thus, in order to effectively treat these forms of ailments, it is important to eradicate and eliminate any problems that are causing them. In the case of bad breath, also known as halitosis, your first step is to determine what is causing it.

Underlying ailments are a common problem with bad breath. This includes liver and kidney disorders as well as respiratory tract infections. If you try to treat the bad breath that is arising from your mouth and it continues to return, we recommend visiting your doctor as it may be a result of one of these underlying ailments. Bad breath is also often present if there is a lack of saliva in your mouth. Saliva is a naturally produced substance that is extremely important for washing away debris and harmful acids in your mouth. If there is not enough saliva in your mouth, excessive plaque buildup can occur as well as gum disease, tooth decay and several other issues which can result in bad breath.

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