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If you play contact sports you may have experience with retail mouth guards and their limitations. Athletes playing contact sports often complain that retail level mouth guards can feel bulky in the mouth or otherwise make it uncomfortable or hard to breathe. These kinds of complaints are even more common for athletes with braces. Your braces represent a long term investment in your oral form and function.

Participating in contact sports can put your braces at risk. Damaged braces can injure your mouth which could increase your total treatment time. If you have braces and you participate in contact sports, Dr. Chilimigras can fit you for a custom mouth guard. These pieces are specifically designed to match your teeth for comfort and improved breathing. When properly maintained they can last for several years.

Vacuum fitted mouth guards are made from moldable thermoplastic material that conforms to the shape of your mouth, braces and teeth. The mouth guard is then trimmed and polished for comfort. These mouth guards tend to last around a year.

Pressure laminated mouth guards are a relatively newer product. These pieces are molded using multiple layers. Many athletes with braces like pressure laminated mouth guards due to their fit and comfort. Pressure laminated pieces have an average lifespan of around two years.

If you have braces and are interested in being fitted for a custom mouth guard, feel free to call our friendly Lakeview Dental Care staff at 269-964-7660 to schedule an appointment. We can have you playing sports again while protecting your braces in no time!