What Are the Perks of Dental Fillings?

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Did you know that cavities that are left untreated can lead to tooth loss? Although tooth loss is quite common, a small amount of oral health care effort coupled with regular checkups can ensure that if a cavity does arise, it will be dealt with in due haste to ensure your full smile will remain for years to come.

When fixing cavities, dental fillings are used to fill in the decayed hole in the tooth enamel. The dental filling will not only stop a cavity in its tracks, it will also prevent the spread of a new cavity in the area, as the fillings are resistant to the harmful acids that created the original cavity.

The two main forms of cavities are dental amalgams and tooth-colored composites. Although amalgams contain a mixture of metals that are bound together with mercury, they are highly effective at correcting large cavities. Tooth-colored composites can mimic the natural color of your teeth and are highly effective at smaller cavities that are too small for amalgams to effectively fix.

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