Tooth Whitening Products for Various levels of Staining

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A bright white smile says a lot about you and makes a good first impression. This drives many people to investigate their teeth whitening options. The depth of staining on the teeth in your smile, the cause of the staining and various lifestyle choices will go a long way towards determining what tooth whitening products are right for you.

You should talk to your dentist before starting any tooth whitening regimen.

Tooth whitening toothpaste is a popular way to maintain a white smile for people dealing with minor staining issues between dental cleanings. Keep in mind that the whitening compounds in these toothpastes are only strong enough to resolve minor surface stains. A stronger product or procedure will be needed to resolve moderate to severely stained teeth.

Whitening strips have grown in popularity because they are convenient and have slightly stronger concentrations of whitening agents than whitening toothpaste. You can wear them anywhere. You simply apply the strips to the teeth in your smile for a half hour per day.

Whitening gels usually have stronger concentrations of whitening agents than strips. This makes them a good option for people with moderately stained teeth. To use them you pour the gel into bleaching trays that you insert into your mouth for a half hour. Then remove any excess gel from the gums with a cotton swab.

If you haven’t been satisfied with the results of whitening products then you might want to try our in-office tooth bleaching procedure. The concentrations of our bleaching agents make it the most effective way to get a bright white smile.

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