The Answers to Questions About Dental Bridges

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Dental bridges are strong and reliable dental restorations that can help your smile and oral health in more ways than you might realize. If you have questions about this restoration, our dentist, Dr. Chilimigras, is happy to give you the information you need. To do so, he is happy to provide answers to commonly asked questions about dental bridges in Battle Creek, Michigan. Those questions are:

Q: What are dental bridges?
A: Dental bridges are restorations that look just like natural teeth. They contain two dental crowns and one or more false teeth. The crowns lie on the outside edges of the restoration while the false teeth lie in the middle. Bridges are typically made in a dental lab.

Q: How do dental bridges stay in the mouth?
A: The crowns that sit on the outside edges of the restoration hold the bridge in place. Your dentist will shave the enamel of the surrounding natural teeth and will fit the crowns tightly over them. This will fill the gap in the smile.

Q: What can dental bridges do for me?
A: Dental bridges can restore the health and beauty of your smile, help you chew and speak, maintain the shape of your face, give you the force you need in a bite, prevent remaining teeth from drifting out of place and more.

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