Thank you for such a wonderful and caring visit!

I offered all my fear of pain for each of you. Praise God I didn’t have any. I even get the comic relief of this ridiculous numb upper face, Fun for office humour. My co-workers are making me say lots of things with P’s because they come out Ph’s. Here is a link for the Dr for someone looking out for your office in heaven.

-Danielle Lussier

I’m happy I chose to have Invisalign.

I didn’t want traditional braces. I play sports and Invisalign was very easy to wear. I also had my senior pictures taken while wearing Invisalign and no one could tell I had them on. I am very happy with how my teeth look.

– Mike Young

Dr. Chilimigras had a genuine concern for me and my oral health!

When I first stopped in at Lakeview Dental Care my teeth and gums were in pretty bad shape. I had been to many Dentists in my life and had never received the proper care and education for my complete oral health. I had a lot of tooth decay and the beginning of gum disease. My teeth were dying. When I met Dr. Chilimigras, here was a Dentist that was determined to stop the decay and repair the damage. With his caring touch and the education and skill from his entire staff, a plan was put together for me that would repair and reverse the poor condition of my teeth.

A nice smile is important to me. I am now on the right track. With the knowledge that I have gained from my dental care, my teeth and over all health are in the best condition they have ever been. I owe it all to Dr. Chilimigras and his caring staff.

– Gary Lett

I can smile again with confidence.

I’m a coffee drinker and over the years I noticed my teeth had yellowed to the point where I was embarrassed to smile. Thanks to the teeth whitening procedure at Lakeview Dental Care, I can now be out in public and enjoy laughing and smiling with confidence. The results truly were amazing.

– Janet Smith

My new white fillings are virtually invisible.

I elected to have my fillings replaced with new white fillings. Now when I smile, it is impossible to tell that I have fillings. The procedure was painless and the results were outstanding. I would recommend anyone who decides to have their old fillings replaced with white fillings to make an appointment with Lakeview Dental Care.

– Gary Jones

I was afraid a root canal would be painful but it wasn’t!

I have heard that root canals can be long and painful procedures but I was pleasantly surprised to find out the advancements in root canal procedures used at Lakeview Dental Care have completely taken the discomfort out of having a root canal. The doctor discussed the procedure with me beforehand, which really helped to ease my anxiety. When the root canal work was completed, I was prescribed a few days of pain medication just in case I needed it. I’m happy to say I never needed to fill that prescription but I’m glad my dentist was thoughtful and prescribed it to me just to be sure. That is the kind of caring and professionalism I look for in a dental clinic and I’m glad I found the kind and caring people at Lakeview Dental Care.

– Sue Clark

Lakeview Dental Care is #1…

I have had other dentists in the past that would put fillings in but would never take the time to explain how I could use preventative measures to ensure I would be able to keep my teeth for life. I want to thank the caring staff at Lakeview Dental Care for keeping me current on my teeth cleaning appointment, taking the time to demonstrate what good dental hygiene is all about, and taking care of any problems promptly and effectively should they arise. Lakeview Dental Care is the best!

– Jack Carter