Not All Bad Breath Is Caused by What You Eat

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Not all bad breath is caused by what you eat. Other underlying illnesses and medications you may be taking can also bring about conditions that increase your risk of bad breath. Plaque buildup is frequently caused by foods, but there are other conditions that can exacerbate its effects on your smile.

For example, if you are taking any medications, a side effect you may experience is dry mouth. Dry mouth symptoms occur when your mouth begins to lack the saliva necessary to keep it safe from harmful acids and plaque buildup. To help combat the effects of dry mouth, chewing sugarless gum may help.

There are also multiple types of diseases and illnesses that cause bad breath, including periodontal disease, respiratory tract infections, and kidney and liver problems. Another common cause of bad breath could be caused by a toothache that has become infected or severely decayed. If you begin to show signs of bad breath that fail to go away after 24 hours or frequently returns, speak with your dentist to schedule an oral exam to check for other conditions.

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