What Type of Cavity Do You Have?

Did you know that cavities are simply another name for tooth decay? Fortunately, the number of cavities Americans have every year has decreased significantly. This is due in large part to increased awareness of the importance of oral health, including brushing and flossing to prevent cavities. But tooth decay is... Read more »

The Primary Cause of Your Tooth Stains Will Determine the Most Effective Whitening Method

Your tooth enamel has microscopic pores and textures that can trap and absorb particles from dark foods and beverages. In time, these stains can slowly penetrate the tooth enamel, causing significant stains on the teeth in your smile. The severity of the staining will determine the most effective method your... Read more »

What You Need to Know About Remineralization of Your Teeth

Did you know that your enamel is the strongest substance in your mouth? But even though your enamel is strong, it can weaken over time. And unfortunately, once you lose your enamel, it will be gone forever. But even though your enamel can wear down, it can strengthen itself again.... Read more »

Reasons to Choose Invisalign®

If you are self-concious about your smile, you are not alone. There are thousands of people who turn to treatments to obtain the perfect smile they always dreamed of. Invisalign® is an exciting alternative to traditional orthodontic treatments. Using clear, custom-shaped aligners, our orthodontist can help you straighten your smile... Read more »

Invisalign® Can Improve Your Smile in as Little as Six to Eight Weeks

If the teeth in your smile suffer from minor alignment issues, you might feel self-conscious about your appearance. Sometimes traditional metal braces might not even be needed to improve your smile. In a case like this, your orthodontist, Dr. L. C. Chilimigras, can fit you for Invisalign® in Battle Creek,... Read more »

How We Can Help If You Have Periodontitis

At Lakeview Dental Care located in Battle Creek, Michigan, Dr. Chilimigras and our team offer periodontal treatment for our patients who have gum disease. This is important, because if gingivitis--a mild form of gum disease--is left untreated, it can progress into periodontitis. While improved oral hygiene can often restore gum health... Read more »

Why You Should Consider Invisalign

If you want straight, great-looking teeth but don’t want to deal with the cumbersome maintenance and awkward appearance of braces, then you need to seriously consider Invisalign. Here at Lakeview Dental Care, Dr. L. C. Chilimigras is highly trained and skilled in performing Invisalign treatment for his patients in the... Read more »

Signs and Symptoms of Teeth Grinding

Are you frequently waking up to a sore jaw or to headaches? Do you suffer with sensitive teeth and earaches throughout the day? Sadly, these could all be symptoms of bruxism, which is also commonly known as teeth grinding. This can be a serious problem that should be addressed by... Read more »

Dental Implants Can Be Used in a Variety of Restoration Procedures

When dental implants first came into regular use in the dental industry, they were primarily used to restore a single tooth that was extracted, or lost due to advanced tooth decay. As dental implant technology, has continued to evolve and grow in popularity, they can be used in multiple tooth... Read more »

Treating Gum Disease With Laser Dentistry

One of the more effective advances in dental technology in recent years has been the use of lasers in a variety of procedures. Lasers are convenient and effective, achieving quicker results and causing less pain to patients. One of the ways Dr. L. C. Chilimigras uses lasers at Lakeview Dental... Read more »