Got Braces? Consider a Mouthguard

Braces are a huge investment in your smile, which is why it is very important to protect your teeth and orthodontic appliance while you are participating in sports and transforming your smile. One way you can protect your oral cavity from injuries and accidents is by wearing a sports mouthguard... Read more »

Are Dental Bridges Right for You?

Is a bridge right for you? No, not the Golden Gate Bridge; we are speaking about a dental bridge. When looking for a type of dental treatment, it is always useful to consider what is the best. Not all dental treatments are going to be the best for your smile.... Read more »

Dental Phobia Should Not Affect Your Life Anymore

Do not let your dental phobia continue to ruin your life! Did you know that poor oral health may not just be affecting your teeth and gums? Poor oral hygiene has also been linked to heart disease, strokes and diabetes. Dental phobia may be causing more damage to your life... Read more »

Mint Toothpaste

Have you ever noticed that just about every toothpaste you find at the store is mint flavored? From peppermint and spearmint to Mint Chocolate Trek, Vanilla Mint Spark, and Lime Spearmint Zest; the thing that nearly all toothpaste has in common is mint. Humans can distinguish hundreds of different flavors,... Read more »

The Need for a Retainer

Your braces moved your teeth into their ideal alignment through the course of multiple adjustment sessions. This will provide you with a functional mouth and appealing smile for many years to come. If your braces are about to be removed, you will most likely need to wear a retainer. Your... Read more »

A Custom Night Guard Protects your Mouth from the Damage Caused by Grinding your Teeth

Chronic night grinding of your teeth, in adults, is often caused by stress. This can result in a series of problems including chips and fractures in tooth enamel alignment issues and TMJ disorder. If stress management techniques have been unsuccessful, you might want to talk to your dentist about being... Read more »

Dental Implants Are Essential to Oral Health

A lot of people might think having teeth removed is the end to the journey of their oral hygiene worries. However, this is not the case. Many people do not know that in the first year after tooth loss there is a 25 percent decrease in the width of bone... Read more »

What Are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is an appliance that bridges the gap in your mouth that was created by one or more missing teeth. A normal or typical bridge consists of: two replacement teeth (one on each side of the gap) and false teeth. The teeth on the ends of the bridge... Read more »

Cleaning your Fixed Retainer

The metal wire or wires of your fixed retainer represents a serious investment in holding your teeth in their alignment for several years to come. Your fixed retainer is cemented in place behind your teeth and cannot be removed by anyone other than your orthodontist. Cleaning the back of your... Read more »

Tips for Maintaining your New Clear Plastic Retainer

Your retainer is an important step in maintaining the new alignment of your teeth after your braces have been removed. If you don’t wear your retainer for the prescribed amount of time, the residual tension in your periodontal ligaments will pull your teeth out of the new alignment. A clear... Read more »