Flossing is Sometimes More Important than Brushing Your Teeth

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For as long as most of us can remember, we have been told to brush our teeth twice everyday. However, the average person brushes their teeth once a day, and on good days they brush twice! But what about flossing each day? Did you know that flossing is actually considered more important than brushing? So, why do people forget such an important part of their oral health? Here are some of the biggest excuses we hear explaining why people do not floss:

Excuse: Flossing takes too long.
Recommendation: One benefit about flossing is that it does not need to be done in front of a mirror. Try flossing while walking on the treadmill, watching TV, or working. There are many great times to floss.

Excuse: I do not get food stuck in my teeth.
Recommendation: Flossing is not only recommended to help you remove food from your teeth, but it is also recommended to help you remove plaque from your teeth, which prevents tooth loss and gum disease.

Excuse: I do not know how to floss.
Recommendation: There are plenty of great articles on the web that will teach you how to floss, or if you live in Battle Creek, Michigan, you can always come into our office and learn at your next appointment.

Excuse: Teeth are too close together, so flossing is too hard.
Recommendation: Use a waxed or glide floss for an easier fit.

Whatever your excuse might be, you should always floss and make it a part of your daily oral hygiene routine. So, call us today at 269-964-7660 and let us lead you to a healthier smile!