Dental Sealants to Protect your Child’s Molars

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The occlusal or biting surface on your child’s permanent molars and premolars can sometimes have to deep pits and contours. The function of these deep help human beings grind and chew hard foods. In some cases, your child might have especially deep contours on these teeth. Deeply contoured biting surfaces can be a challenge to completely clean during regular brushing. If food particles and plaque get stuck in these places, it can easily lead to tooth decay.

In a situation like this your dentist might recommend dental sealants to protect these teeth. Dental sealants are inexpensive. They are made from a plastic-resin compound. The dentist can quickly paint them on the the biting surface of the molars in a single short appointment. This is often done right after a regular checkup.

The sealant resin creates a thin layer that protects the contours of the biting surface from food deposits and plaque. With proper care they will be very durable and last for several years.

Make sure your child understands that the sealants are only on the biting surface of the teeth and that regular brushing and flossing is essential for maintain the rest of the molars!

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